Next Net Media, the creator of some of the most recognized and respected brands in SEO, is pleased to bring you a fresh, new network of authoritative, rank-boosting websites.

With over a decade in SEO, working with hundreds of thousands of clients and agencies, we know pretty quickly when link buying strategies change.

Towards the end of 2013, we began noticing a shift in link buying preferences. PageRank was still a key metric, but other factors became increasingly important.

It wasn’t long before our more forward-thinking clients began requesting links based on other metrics. That is when we started building includes many of the core features of our most popular link building tools. But, instead of basing our pricing, publisher commission, and link filters on PageRank;’s uses MOZ Domain Authority as it’s primary metric.

Why MOZ Domain Authority?

Google takes a lot of factors into account when determining the authority of a site. So, if you want to find sites that are important to Google, you have to have a metric that is calculated using a lot of factors as well.

We chose MOZ DA because it is an aggregate of metrics (MozRank, MozTrust, link profile, and more) that best approximates the authority of a site in the eyes of the search engines.

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Competitive Link Pricing pricing is based on the MOZ Domain Authority of the root domain. Sub pages and sub domains are 25% of the cost of the home page. 1 credit = $1, so determining your link budget is easy.

MOZ DA Homepage Price Subpage Price
10-14 1.00 credits 0.25 credits
15-19 2.50 credits 0.63 credits
20-24 4.00 credits 1.00 credits
25-29 8.00 credits 2.00 credits
30-34 15.00 credits 3.75 credits
35-39 25.00 credits 6.25 credits
40-100 40.00 credits 10.00 credits