Earn Money

Make Money With
Your Unused Ad Space!

Our Advertisers want links from good quality, authoritative pages,
and they are willing to pay good money every month to get them.

LinksPanel.com Publishers earn money every month for “renting” unused space on their websites.  All you have to do is give us a little info about your site, add a snippet of code to your web pages, and tell us where to send the payments.

How much effort is involved?

LinksPanel.com is about as set-it-and-forget-it as it gets. It takes a few minutes to add a site to your account. Then you need to copy and paste a snippet of code onto your page and validate it. But, that’s about it.

From that point on, we will automatically add/edit/remove any purchased links, credit your account, monitor the link placement, and deposit money into your Payoneer account.

How do I earn credits?

When an advertiser chooses to place a link on one of your pages, you earn credits based on the Domain Authority of your site.  Then, you will continue to earn credits for that link each month, as long as it is active.

Since you earn credits for all new links as well as any existing links that are still active on your pages, your credits grow month over month! (Did we mention you can sell up to 5 links on every page?)

How much are credits worth?

The number of credits you earn determines how large your share of the monthly revenue you will get. If you have .5% of the total credits, you will earn .5% of the total revenue.

MOZ DA Homepage Payout Subpage Payout
10-14 1.00 credits 0.25 credits
15-19 2.50 credits 0.63 credits
20-24 4.00 credits 1.00 credits
25-29 8.00 credits 2.00 credits
30-34 15.00 credits 3.75 credits
35-39 25.00 credits 6.25 credits
40-100 40.00 credits 10.00 credits

What are the website requirements?

Our advertisers are looking for links in all niches (including adult) and all levels of Domain Authority. But, in order for a link to provide value, there are a few basic website requirements:

  • The page with the link must be indexed in Google
  • The site must have a Domain Authority of at least 10 (Look up your MOZ Domain Authority >)
  • You can’t do anything to hide or change the links
  • Adult sites and gambling sites are allowed, but they must be in the appropriate category.