“Whatever you’re doing is working.”

“Whatever you’re doing is working.”

I love it when I get great emails from clients about campaigns I had pretty much forgotten about.

The other day, I got an email from a long-time client of ours with the subject, “Whatever you’re doing is working.” (I love getting emails with subjects like that!)

A little while ago, he asked for some advice about marketing a new iPad app. I asked him to send me a link to the app on the app store, and then I used the wizard to set up a quick campaign in LinksPanel.

About a week later, he emailed to let me know that the app went from being completely non-existent to hundreds of downloads a day. I am used to seeing quick results, but even I was impressed.

I would love to say that I did something special to help him, but honestly, all I did was use the wizard to create a quick $100 campaign. Nothing special. Just 100 links with a maximum budget of $100.

How about you? Need any SEO advice?

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