Advertiser Help

Advertiser Help

Learn how to improve your rankings with


  • All Accounts are “Dual Accounts”
    All users have access to both Advertiser AND Publisher functionality. To toggle between your dashboards, click the “Buy Links” or “Sell Links” tabs in your control panel.

Before You Begin…

  1. Give Your Website a Quick Once-Over
    Check your site for out-dated content, broken links, etc.
  2. Freshen Up Your Onsite SEO
    For long-term rankings, support your link portfolio with at least very basic onsite SEO.
  3. Identify the Primary Keywords and URL’s You Wish to Target
    Most folks start by pointing some links at their home page. But, if you already have links pointing to your site, you might want to consider building links to sub-pages or posts that are optimized for a specific keyword.
  4. Set a Link-Building Budget
    There are many factors that determine how many links you will need to rank for your keyword(s), so it is hard to know how much to budget. We generally recommend starting with a $50-$100 monthly budget for each Link Profile (URL/Keyword combination), and then adjusting once you see which keywords are bringing in the most qualified traffic.

Creating a Link Campaign…

  1. Go To Your Advertiser Dashboard
    Log into your account and click the “Buy Links” tab on the side.
  2. Click the “Start Link Campaign Wizard” Button
    Answer a few questions about your website and the keywords/URL’s you wish to target. Then, let the wizard help you create a Link Queue which will place links on relevant websites at the speed you specify.
  3. Fund Your Campaign
    The last step is to purchase enough monthly link credits to get your campaign started. You can either purchase credits immediately or wait until you have created several campaigns and then purchase enough credits to activate all of them.

Our System Will Take Care of the Rest…

Once your Link Campaign is running, our Link Monitor will keep an eye on your links to make sure the pages with your links are indexed and have the Domain Authority you are paying for. If a link is removed, our system will automatically replace it with a link on a comparable page.

Managing Link Campaigns (Link Queues)

To manage Link Campaigns (Link Queues), click on “Target Pages” on the side navigation, and then click the number of queued links. This will take you to a page that shows all of the queues for that target page with options to edit and pause the queues.