Publisher Help

Publisher Help

Learn how to earn money selling links through


  • All Accounts are “Dual Accounts”
    All users have access to both Advertiser AND Publisher functionality. To toggle between your dashboards, click the “Buy Links” or “Sell Links” tabs on the side of your control panel.

Before You Begin…

  1. Check Your PayPal Address
    In order to be paid, you must add your PayPal email to your account settings. This is the email where we will send your payment each month via PayPal. In addition, you will need to enter your name, address and SSN or EIN number if you reside in the United States.
  2. Make Sure Your Site Meets Our Requirements
    Our advertisers are looking for links in all niches (including adult) and all levels of Domain Authority. But, in order for a link to provide value, there are a few basic website requirements:

    • The page with the link must be indexed in Google
    • The site must have a Domain Authority of at least 10
    • You can’t do anything to hide or change the links

Adding Your Link Page Inventory

  1. Add One or More Link Pages
    Click “My Link Pages” in the navigation and then click the “Add Link Page” button. Enter a little information about the page(s) on which you wish to sell links, and submit the form.
  2. Install the Code on Your Pages
    In order for our system to automatically add and remove links from your site, you need to add a small snippet of code to your pages. Click “My Link Pages” in the navigation, find the Link Page you want to work with, and then click the “Installation Code” button. Follow the short instructions to install the code on your web pages. (Web pages under the same domain can use the same code.)
  3. Validate That Everything is Working
    The last step is to test to make sure everything is working properly. Click “My Link Pages” in the navigation, find the Link Page you want to work with, and then click the “Validate Web Page” button.

From That Point On…

Once you have added your site to the inventory, our system will automatically add/edit/remove any purchased links, credit your account, monitor the link placement, and deposit money into your paypal account.