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Introducing, LinksPanel.com, the first-of-its-kind link brokerage that allows you to earn money from two systems at the same time!

We know it can be a hassle to manage multiple link selling accounts, so we built LinksPanel.com with that in mind…

Now, if you have a new or existing publisher account at our flagship product, BackLinks.com; we have already created a LinksPanel.com account and copied over all of your qualifying Link Pages.

In other words, once you have a BackLinks.com Publisher Account, you are all set to earn money through LinksPanel.com…Without lifting a finger.

Seriously…It is that easy.

All new and existing BackLinks.com Publisher Accounts are now tied to a LinksPanel.com account with the same profile and payment information, and qualifying link pages are routinely copied over to your LinksPanel.com account.

So, if you add a qualifying link page to your BackLinks.com account and install the BL code, the page will be copied over to your LinksPanel.com account where it can immediately start earning credits.

How do I log into my LinksPanel.com account?

You can log into your LinksPanel.com account with the email address and password from your BackLinks.com account. (Notice that you should use your email address and not your username.)

How are BackLinks.com and LinksPanel.com different?

From a Link Seller’s perspective, the biggest differences between BackLinks.com and LinksPanel.com are:

How many credits will I earn for each link?

When a LinksPanel.com advertiser chooses to place a link on your site, you earn credits based on your site’s MOZ Domain Authority.

MOZ DA Homepage Payout Subpage Payout
10-14 1.00 credits 0.25 credits
15-19 2.50 credits 0.63 credits
20-24 4.00 credits 1.00 credits
25-29 8.00 credits 2.00 credits
30-34 15.00 credits 3.75 credits
35-39 25.00 credits 6.25 credits
40-100 40.00 credits 10.00 credits

How much are my LinksPanel.com credits worth?

LinksPanel.com pays on a revenue share model, instead of a per credit system like BackLinks.com.

At the end of the monthly billing cycle, the system will pay you a percentage of the total publisher revenue, based on your percentage of the total credits earned.

You earn credits for all new and existing links, so your earning potential continues to compound every month!

What are the webpage requirements for LinksPanel.com?

  • The page with the link must be indexed in Google
  • The site must have a Domain Authority of at least 10
    (Look up your MOZ Domain Authority >)
  • You can’t do anything to hide or change the links

Why do I have more/less link pages in BackLinks.com than I do at LinksPanel.com?

Although LinksPanel.com and BackLinks.com are very similar, the webpage requirements are different enough that not all link pages will qualify for both programs.

For example, a PR 0 page would not qualify for BackLinks, but is eligible for LinksPanel as long as it has a minimum Domain Authority of 10.

LinksPanel also does a few pre-checks for system compatibility that may exclude some otherwise viable sites. This is a known issue that affects about 2% of pages.

How many links can I sell per page from each system?

You can sell up to 12 links per page in BackLinks.com and up to 5 links per page in LinksPanel.com.